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Hypnosis to change your life

This will lose weight, stop smoking, gain unlimited confidence and motivation.
Steve G. Jones - Hypnosis Can Help You to Lose Weight, Stop Smoking and Gain Unlimited Confidence And Motivation.
Price: $29.95


Find and marry a girl like me

Learn how to easily find, court and finally marry a beautiful Russian woman.
How To Meet A Beautiful, Intelligent, Educated And Sincere Russian Woman Online - Starting A Relationship, Dating, And Ultimately Marriage.
Price: $49.95


Find your perfect partner

An ingeniously simple secret for developing Self Confidence around others.
The package will give you all the steps you need to develop the relationship with your perfect partner in the right way so that you two can share lifetime of love. Get the inside scoop on how and where to meet attractive, single men and women, get most common first date mistakes and how to avoid them.
Price: $39.95


Understanding a Man's Mind

Discover the secrets to understanding men, and using it to your advantage.
The Woman Men Adore...and Never Want to Leave helps to create and sustain a loving relationship with your man, and become a woman that a man loves, cherishes, and never want to part with. This guide is for a single woman who wants to attract the right man, a woman who dates frequently but finds it hard to sustain a relationship, and a married woman who wants to spark the fire within your marriage and enjoy deeper intimacy with your husband.
Price: $47


Dating advice for women.

The ultimate guide for women who want to learn how to make men fall in love.
The Perfect Dating Advice E-book For Women Who Want To Know What Makes Men Fall In Love. This Information Will Save Marriages Too.
Price: $24.95


For men seeking Russian

The complete nonsense guide for men seeking a russian wife
Check it before to start your search for a Russian wife There are lots of dating scams in the mail order brides industry, and not all Russian women seeking marriage are what they say they are.
Price: $24.95


She's Yours For The Taking

Learn How to Date Classy Women with Mike Pilinski's Books and MP3's
Without Embarrassment will show you how to turn your personal life around by demonstrating how to understand and ultimately correct the misguided self-destructive beliefs that have been blocking you both socially and romantically. This is an extreme dating books for men.
Price: $14.95


300 Creative Date Ideas

Oprah expert shares over 300 date ideas - most cost less than $20
Most of the dates inside 300 Creative Dates are easy on the budgetdate ideas for less than $20. Find the ones that will work and adapt them to your particular style and situation and let this book inspire you to create your own exciting dates.
Price: $27


Write A Successful Dating Profile

Create Good Dating Personal Profile But Stuck For Words and Have No Idea Of What To Write
With this option you will have an attractive responsive dating profile within minutes so you can get your personal ad up in running quickly without spending hours and hours trying to do it by yourself. And best of all you can do it in almost no time and with very little efforts .
Price: $69


Love-dating-sex collection

Use the secret of happy couples to take your relationship to the next level.
How to stop your partner's doing annoying and irritating things without resorting to yelling or ever being accused of nagging. How to avoid hurting your partner by handling arguments with a special twist of focus.
Price: $69


Meet Women Online

Succeed At Online Dating With The Gentleman's Guide To Online Dating
One of the world's most respected pickup artists and dating coaches reveals the secrets and glitches in the matrix of online dating. The techniques in the course are easy-to-learn and will give you immediate results and put you in the 5% of men who get all the dates.
Price: $19.95


Want a Fairytale Marriage?

You can have a blissful relationship if you know these 50 secrets.
Having a blissful relationship is the foundation for an entire lifetime of happiness and success. The joy, peace and love that comes from such a relationship affects your health, your energy, your career, your friendships and basically everything you touch.
Price: $27


Online Dating Playbook

An easy way to change the way you talk to girls on-line that will get there full attention.
Find out an easy way to change the way you talk to girls on-line that will get there full attention and get them anxious to meet and impress you. Also learn how a few easy mental tweaks can help you stop chasing women around and instantly get them chasing you.
Price: $27


How to attract men

Tired Of dating frogs get ready to attract only princes from here on out.
Complete step-by-step program of self transformation and affirmation that will show you the secrets of how to get a boyfriend, find a husband and meet the man of your dreams.Proven system for everything you need to know to make your relationships fun and exciting, hot and steamy, and deep and lasting.
Price: $37


The Keys To Real Mind Control

Beyond Hypnosis And Seduction Lies The Secret To Getting Everything You Want.
A Complete,Step By Step Blueprint For Generating Quality Conversation Any Time You Want,Discover The Mesmerizing Statements That Take Command Of People, Put Them Under Your Spell And Keep Them Tantalized By Every Word That Comes Out Of Your Mouth,Get Rid Of Negative Social Habits And More.
Price: $47


Guide To Meeting Thailand Girls

Live the perfect Thai lifestyle for $26 a day. Find out how here...
Your Thai Girl will make you realize the amazing impact that Thai women have on men. It will give you tips and secrets on how to attract Thai women. From here you'll learn a lot of powerful information, including the truth about the respect that Thai women have for Western men, and much more.
Price: $39.95


Dating advice that works

Get the woman you want no matter what you look like or how much you make
LayGuide is still the most thourough and continually updated collection of the best dating, attraction and seduction tips, strategies and techniques in the world.
Price: $29.95


1000 Questions for Couples

What you absolutely must know about the one you're with. Life changing
These questions will enable you to know and understand the feelings, thoughts and desires of your partner. You will learn the things you need to know about their past and their thoughts of the future. You will discover what makes them happy and what makes them sad.
Price: $27


World's Top Proposal Stories

Over 100 award-winning stories of marriage proposals. Instant access.
You can be sure that these stories are the most magical and creative proposal stories you've ever read. 7,329 marriage proposal stories flooded in from around the world and were narrowed down to 101 of the very best proposal ideas. These 101 award-winning stories will inspire you and warm your heart.
Price: $47


Attract Beautiful Women

Get Them Approach You First For a Date No Matter Your Looks, Age or Income
How To Approach Women Tips, Tricks and Secrets website that teaches men how to pick up desirable, sexy women and get them to approach you first. Learn dating, seduction and pick up women secrets from John Alanis, the King of Let 'em Come to You.
Price: $39.97


How do i get him back

How to get your man back and keep him devoted to you for good.
Here's the plan to bring back your man. In this ebook you will learn exactly what you must and must not do to rekindle your relationship before it's too late.
Price: $47


How To Date An Asian Woman

Secrets revealed that help any man understand the Asian mystique and the subtleties of Asian woman
How to Date an Asian Woman ebook tells you everything you need to find, attract and seduce an exotic female from the Far East. This also shows How to convince any Asian woman, in any country at any time to go out with you. These give knowledge for any non-Asian man seeking an Asian girlfriend or wife.
Price: $29.99


A Guide To Ukrainian Dating

Learn How To Successfully, Seek, Find, And Win The Heart Of Your Ideal Ukrainian Lady.
In this book you will find out just exactly what it takes to find and marry a Ukrainian lady and just why so many men will do whatever it takes to fulfill their dream of seeking, finding and winning the heart of their ideal Ukrainian lady. Tips for finding the best and most reliable dating agencies.
Price: $37


Get Beautiful Russian Girls

With This Program, You Can Meet Beautiful, Intelligent, Real Women Seeking a Man Like You
The women in here are real people, and they seek real love and relationships based on mutual understanding and respect. They seek somebody to love, to talk to, to laugh with, to cry with, and to share their lives with - to be together forever through thick and thin.
Price: $149


Sex all around the house

Using everyday household items to spice up your sex life.
36 unique sensations you can experience from everyday household items everything from rumbles to tickles, tingling to smooth and everything in between. The bathroom item that can help prolong orgasms enjoy a marathon session with your partner using this simple object.
Price: $17


Meet Your Life Partner Today

An online membership dating service perfect for those looking to meet and date.
If You Are A European Or An American, Then Could Be The Way For You To Meet And Date Your Future Asian Bride. Once You Sign Up With This Service, You Will Get Permanent Access To Thousands Of Profiles Of Women, Complete With Photos And Get More.
Price: $74.95


Reunion with your ex

Oprah expert shares the very best strategy for getting any man back
In less than 5 minutes, you could be using this proven step-by-step strategy to reunite with your man. 3 different approaches that you can use to get him back. 6 tips to create the kind of relationship you've always wanted increase the chances you stay together forever once you get him back.
Price: $47


Get Your Ex Back Forever

Killer strategies on how to survive a breakup and even win your ex back.
This will lead your ex to consider whether they made the right decision or not. Theyll start to mull over things, and open their mind to taking you back. Each encounter you have with your ex is your opportunity to do right, to cause them to doubt whether the breakup was the right move or not.
Price: $46


Make positive change in life

This Can Help You To Lose Weight, Stop Smoking And Gain Unlimited Confidence And Motivation.
These programs were recorded and mastered in a professional recording studio in GA by world-class engineers using state-of-the-art digital technology. Also overcome a fear of selling and to improve these public speaking skills.
Price: $18.95


Secrets Of Masterful Lovers

How to give women the intense sexual experience and have them begging and pleading for more
The Virtuoso Lover is a secret of masterful lovers and sex Gods, that will show you how to make women scream your name in ecstasy, get more sex and have them sexually addicted to you, and only you forever even if she never had an orgasm before. This is one huge load of information with 524 pages.
Price: $47


Get Any Woman You Want

5 Simple Steps That Work Every Time. How To Get Women To Sleep With You.
Learns 5 Simple Steps That Work Every Time, With Any Woman, In Any Place To Get Them Into Bed. This Course Will Show You A Hidden Recipe For Becoming Sexually Attractive To Every Woman You Meet. You Will Also Learn How To Properly Flirt With Women To Ensure Maximum Chances Of Getting Her Into Bed.
Price: $39.95


Attract women on the dance floor

This is a practical guide that will help you attract and kiss any woman on the dance floor
This takes you through every step of attracting a woman in a nightclub, from choosing the best club for your nights out to actual kiss close techniques. You'll also learn how to attract attention when you walk onto the dance floor, what to do if you get rejected, how to move things forward and more.
Price: $19.95


Pick Up Women At The Beach

This will Show You A Powerful System You Can Use To Attract And Date Any Woman At The Beach.
This guide will teach you the exact tried and true techniques that are used time and time again to score with dozens of hot, sexy sun bunnies at beaches all over the world. Also learn the 3 truths you must to internalize before ever making an approach and only guide in world to pick up women at beach.
Price: $19.95


Men's internet dating

How to permanently eliminate the fears, frustrations that are holding you back from women
Access to over 25 full length videos of me teaching all the ideas, concepts, techniques and secrets that took me years to figure out and develop. All the Bonus reports and ebooks in easy to read PDF format ready to download.
Price: $47


Lick by lick

Unusual techniques that give any woman multiple orgasms.
How to break through her self-conscious barrier about cunnilingus and build trust to the point she's excited and looking forward to it Warning: Most experts preach this wrong, and if you don't learn to do it right, she may never let you please her this way.
Price: $37


Have a girlfriend right now

Learn How To Instantly Turn Any Girl You Meet, Within A Couple Hours, Into Your Girlfriend.
With this e-book you'll discover the most powerful, simple-ways to instantly almost magically create a girlfriend connection with any girl you meet. You'll learn how to turn a long-time, female-friend that you have been stuck in the friend zone trying to get with for years, into your girlfriend.
Price: $7


Master Your Social Skills

Become Socially Savvy to Maneuver Effortlessly in Any Social Situation
Discover The Secret That Will Accelerate Your Game By 10-Times That Goes Beyond The Seduction Community And Any Pickup, Dating, Attraction, And Seduction Thing Out ThereEven If You Are Already A Casanova
Price: $47


Dating for Geeks

This book covers all the basics of dating and focuses on building a broad base of social skills for Geeks.
Dating for Geeks is an ebook for Guys who have never been out on a date before, Guys who want the definitive lowdown on online dating and how to come out ahead of all the other guys you have to compete with. You NEED this book if You are crazy about a certain special girl but she just doesn't seem to love you back and you don't know what to do.
Price: $19.99


Secrets to Get a Gay Date

Discover the amazing step by step way to finding love and increasing dating odd for gay people
Insights online love marketing methods that helps you to discover how easy it is to draw people to your profile like bees to honey. This also helps to discover how to absolutely uncover your true desires in a mate.
Price: $15.95


Body language

A unique collection of 10 downloadable video files containing one of the training packages.
10 Instant Download Videos Of Robert Phipps Body Language Training Seminar. More Than 11 Hrs Of Training From One Of The World's Leading Authorities A Complete A-z Guide To Using Body Language.
Price: $49


The Easiest Way To Attract Women

Learns How To Eliminate Online Rejection And Hook Up With Hot Women On ANY Dating Site
Insider Internet Dating is a complete system, containing 42 step-by-step tutorials, over 2 hours of the exact information you need to skyrocket your success attracting women online.If you're ready to attract women using online dating sites, then this system is for you. You can discover A Secret Method of Internet Dating Strategies, Tactics And Techniques That Gets You Women.
Price: $59.95


Top-Secret Flirting Tips

Ultimate step-by-step tutorial to sweep any woman off her feet by creating sexual attraction.
The Magical Art of Flirting will help you leverage both to become a true ladies man who can get any woman he wants. This ebook teaches about the attitude and approach tht is to be made for flirting. Discover the best possible way to capture any womans attention, secret methods to steal her heart and undeniable ways to ask her out.
Price: $39


Cougar dating secrets

Discover how you can quickly and confidently meet, sexy and mature cougars
Cougar Dating Secrets is a book that will enable anyone to start discovering the world of the cougars and what you should know about their dating game. In the book, you'll find out what attracts them, where to find them, how to understand them and their needs.
Price: $9.99


How to create a dating profile

Learn how to consistently meet, attract and date beautiful, high quality women on-line.
How to create a dating profile will literally force attractive women to fantasize about being with you as soon as they read it, so that you dont have to waste time trying toconvince them to be attracted to you later.
Price: $97


The Psychology Of Seduction

Become Magnetically Attractive In Less Than 7 Days Time. Guaranteed
From this e-book you'll discover the 5 mindsets we humans are hardwired to find attractive, overview on how attraction is created in our brain, specific relationship mindsets and mating behavior that instantly sparks attraction, the number 1 root cause of all relationship problems plus much more.
Price: $19.95


Chinese dating secrets

Find out how to attract chinese women easily by etiquette, methods and tools.
Chinese Dating Secrets Exposed Everything you need to know about Chinese women and dating and also Chinese brides. Dating Chinese women and how to date Chinese women, Chinese dating etiquette when dating Chinese girls The one and only Chinese brides guide.
Price: $37


Dating Advice for Women

You'll learn how to unleash the most potent force in romance, that has been hidden in you
This program will teach you four powerhouse principles that will give you a whole new set of vibes and set you on the path of truly living your romantic destiny. You don't have to work at making men like you, because this simple technique will have them looking for any excuse to meet you.
Price: $37


Dating Advice For Women

If Any Other Women Out There Want To Snag Mr. Right As Early As Tomorrow, Then Go For This E-book
The dating tactics and strategies taught in my books have been responsible for hundreds of successful relationships. This will show you how to not only recognize instantly which of these self-sabotaging behaviors you're exhibiting, but also how to correct them.
Price: $37


Ensure Your Online Dating Success

This Is A New Revolutionary System That Solves The On-line Dating Dilemma.
You are going to learn which dating sites actually work and which ones to avoid and save thousands of dollars in the process. Also this will show you a how to to create a magnetic profile. Learn how you can effortlessly make people leap off of your screen and onto a date with you this week.
Price: $47


Russian Dating Success

The Russian course for dating and relationships. Download your copy now
The russian audio guide is a fun and exciting audio course and only russian course specifically designed for speaking russian in relationships. It will help you to speak with russian women easily and confidently.
Price: $49.95

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